Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Iran Launches Test Missiles

Iran launch several test missiles, including one that could reach Israel.

The White house decried the move.

Senator Obama said that this indicated the need for more direct diplomacy with Iran.

Senator McCain said that this indicated the need for better missile defense.

Iran shows no signs of slowing down its development of the ways and means to attack surrounding nations, including Israel, with weapons of mass destruction.

As the foremost sponsor of international terrorism in the world, it goes without saying that putting long range missiles and nuclear weapons in the hands of Iranians, even if they are only dirty weapons, also puts Western nations, including the US, at risk.

US politics are currently characterized by hostility toward any effective measures against Iran. Not because Afghanistan or Iraq are ending poorly, since they are objectively successes when it comes to curtailing international terrorism, but because the left has seen a political advantage in taking that stance.

So here we are again, hamstrung and weakened by the left, unable to move effectively against a dire foreign threat. Until that threat manifests itself in some obvious way, such as a major attack on the US or an ally, we will be unable to do anything that's likely to actually reduced the threat.