Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Giving White Guilt a Bad Name

Obama supporters have presistently and repeatedly played the race card. They are constantly accusing the Anointed One's critics of being racist, of saying racist things, of being about to say racist things, of of being motivated by racism.

The only ones talking about race are them.

They are not being honest. What they do is scream RACISM every time someone raises a legitimate criticism of the Anointed One. And they even do that one better by screaming that anyone who MIGHT criticise the Messiah is GOING to say something racist. Meanwhile, Obama's actual critics never say anything that might remotely be considered racist.

Are there some racists out there who don't like Obama? Sure there probably are, but I'd say that those are a small minority among Obama's critics.

Obama keeps saying that he wants a free and open discussion of the issues, but then he does everything in his power to prevent that discussion from happening. One of the things he has done to stymie any discussion of the real issues is to promote all the race baiting and race mongering we are seeing among his supporters. "They are going to remind you that I'm black," he said. No, but he certainly did that very thing. Our nation deserves better than to be turned over to a man who plays these tawdry sorts of games.