Monday, June 10, 2002


The word "homophobic" originally referred not to hatred or fear of homosexuals per se but to fear of unconscious homosexual desires in oneself. This fear, that springs from horror at and denial of the attraction that men with unconscious homosexual tendencies have for other men, often produces an over compensation in the form of exaggerated or even violent rejection of other homosexuals.

Rejection of homosexuality in oneself stems from the deepest of natural human imperatives, which is the need to procreate. Every single one of a living person's direct ancestors was successful at producing successful children. The weight of millions of years of evolution tells us that we are failures if we don't have a successful heterosexual union. This biological imperative controls our thoughts, actions, and emotions in ways that we can only dimly know. The rejection of homosexuality in oneself, which threatens to interfere with personal heterosexual productivity and success, is deep seated in human nature.

In other words, in homophobia one is not dealing with simple prejudice. One is dealing with the deepest and most intractable mysteries of human nature. One is dealing with deep seated psychological drives that stem from immutable biological imperatives. A campaign to gain general acceptance for homosexuality in society is likely to be about as successful as holding the tides back from the beach with a bailing bucket.

Everyone has the right to try to overcome human nature and live their life as the see fit as long as they don't hurt others, but the more gay activists shove their agenda in people's faces the more severe and violent will be the backlash. There is no way to reason with people about this. There is no way to get them to accept it. Through social pressure you might be able to get them to shut up for a time, but rejection of homosexuality will always resurface with more force at some point.

Gay activists need to ask themselves why they have the need to shove their agenda in the face of people who will never accept it.