Sunday, March 25, 2012

Explosion of Cheney Hate Following Heart Transplant

Since news came out that Dick Cheney got a heart transplant there has been an eruption of hatred against him from our ever civil cousins on the left.

The funny thing about Cheney is that almost all of the major charges against him made by the left turned out to be false.

We know from two Congressional commissions that he did not "cook the books" on Iraq intelligence. He didn't lie about Iraq. He didn't have untoward influence on the decision to go to Iraq. He and Bush were just saying what everyone including the Democrats, including Clinton, knew to be true about Iraq, which is that they had chemical and biological weapons and wanted to restart a program for nuclear weapons.

The intelligence on Iraq came up through the CIA via normal channels and was vetted by the director of the CIA and published in the NIE as usual. We can read the executive summary of that NIE if we wish.

Moreover, Cheney is responsible for putting the US on track to energy independence, which we are gaining by degrees despite the efforts of the Obama administration to limit oil production by denying permits to Federal land, slow rolling offshore permits, and blocking the Keystone XL pipeline.

And yet they all still hate Cheney's guts.

Reality based? I don't think so.