Saturday, December 05, 2009

Obama Supporters Get A Taste of Reality

Now the hard core Obama supporters like Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank are reduced to defending Obama from his erstwhile supporters on the far left.

And thus I address myself to the members of the far left:

According to Milbank, you guys are just being unrealistic. You have made Obama out to be something that he never was. You thought that he'd advance your far left wing agenda, but he never said he'd do that. Of course, he led you on with his high sounding rhetoric and all, but you should have seen how empty of content all of that was. So, when he does not close GITMO, when he keeps detainees detained, when he continues wire tapping, when he drops the public option, when he puts more troops in the war you have no right to be surprised.

In the final analysis, says Milbank, he's just another politician, and he's all about expediency, calculation, and vanity, like any other politician.

Didn't you know that?

So, how do those bus tires taste, suckers?