Thursday, August 10, 2006

Six Hundred Phones

Two people arrested recently on terrorism charges in the US were in possession of something like 12 cellular phones, and the pair had purchased 600 phones earlier in the month.

Why so many phones? Why, most likely because, thanks to the New York Times, they knew that their calling patterns were being monitored, and they hit on the idea of using a bunch of cellular phones all with different numbers to throw the NSA off. Knowing, thanks to the New York Times, that the content of the calls was not being monitored, and they could say anything they liked as long as they were careful about what phones were used.

Thanks to New York Times, who in this case is shown to have been a direct help to these terrorists in their plans to do who knows what where airplanes and airports are concerned.

Documents including information on airport security, airport checkpoints, airplane passenger lists, and $11,000 were also found in the possession of the two men arrested.