Monday, July 10, 2006

The Whole Story From Iraq

Let me summarize the mainstream media coverage of Iraq for you:

1. Car bombs!

2. Soldiers rape Iraqis!

Having gotten that out of the way, you might want to know some particulars from the rest of the story:

1. Oil production in Iraq is up, and three weeks ago insurgent activity against oil production dropped to almost nothing, which accelerates the production time scale.

2. The insurgency is crumbling, according to Marine commanders, who describe the insurgents as "disorganized and ineffective."

3. The Iraqi Army has taken charge of all security operations in northern Iraq.

4. Eleven Sunni insurgent groups have responded to offers of amnesty. The US military has moved to encourage these agreements, which depend on the eventual withdrawal of US troops. General Casey has outlined a plan of sharp troop reductions, and the White House has confirmed the plan.

5. Work on new electrical power and water facilities is complete or near completion. Disruption of services by insurgent activity has been decreasing.

6. Violence is not widespread in Iraq, according to the military. Almost all violence is confined to the Baghdad area, and even there the level of violence is declining.

7. Several more insurgent leaders have been killed or captured, including one of the people involved in the bombing of the Golden Dome mosque.