Saturday, May 20, 2006

John Conyers Lies Through His Teeth

And this guy, basically a gangster and a thug who abuses and intimidates his own Congressional staff, would be the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee if the Donks take over the House.

Last year he held a mock impeachment hearing against President Bush where he served as the Chairman and paraded a series of kookburgers in as witnesses who testified to the effect that the President had broken the law and deserved impeachment. Oh, what a grand old time was had by all, including the mainstream media people who gleefully reported on it, and the upshod of it was that Conyers decided and declared then and there that he intended to see to it that Bush was impeached.

And now he says, in effect, that none of this happened, that he didn't say any of this, that Republicans are being paranoid to say that he is intent on impeaching the President.

Well, John, you can't unring a bell, and your idiotic, thuggish words will be used against you and your party again and again.

The other day I got a letter from the RNC asking for funds. The letter went over the whole history of Conyers and his intent to impeach Bush, and, I swear to God, my pen jumped out of my pocket and into my hand and proceeded to write a check out for a substantial contribution that I sent in to the RNC forthwith. No doubt my pen will be doing the same in the future whenever it hears the word "impeachment" or someone evokes a mental image of Conyers holding committee hearings.