Thursday, November 10, 2005

Democrats Behind the Curve Again

Some Democrats in Congress have hit upon what they think is a way to explain why so many elected Democratic leaders voted for the War in Iraq: "We were duped." I't not their fault, they are easily fooled. In pursuit of this strategy they stepped up demands for the administration to "come clean" on their handling of pre-war intelligence, saying that the indictment of Libby "raises questions" on that issue.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are heedless of the way in which the increasing rioting in Paris is undermining their whole strategy. The worse things get in Paris the more anxious people here get about our national security in the face of worldwide radical Islamic belligerence. The American people see the proud French being humbled by a situation gone out of control and wonder if the same could not spread to the rest of Europe and to America.

In other words, the worse things look in Europe the more it looks like Bush has been right all along to take a tough stand. For, after all, here in America radical Islamic unrest does not threaten the peace and there have been no serious terrorist attacks since 9-11, unlike Europe, where despite the fact that governments have generally tried to appease the Islamofascists there and in the Middle East terrorist attacks continue and radical Islamic unrest threatens to put ordinary citizens and their property in danger in their own communities.

And, of course, the genesis of the rioting in Paris is complex and rooted in a raft of social problems, but talking about how rioters in France are the victims is going to win NO support from the American people.

Once again the Democrats have positioned themselves on the wrong side of events. They are working hard to gin up a case against the administration with the help of their friends in the mainstream media, but they may end up finding that the people are not behind them. They may find themselves in a tough position in 2006 if the people want tough talk tough about the threat of global and radical Islamic unrest.

Lefties fret about how the rioting in France only works to the advantage the right. Yeah, that's true, because the rioting is darn good evidence that the conservatives have been right about this all along and the lefties with their pacifism, multiculturalism and appeasement have been disastrously wrong.